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Unibell® is a holding company underUnibell Group which is one of the well reckoned manufacturer and exporter of PVC pipe and fittings and other plastic items with its well establish brand UNIBELL®. In a very short span of time we emerged as a reliable entity with manufacturing of various PVC pipes and fittings items. With our consistent and sincere efforts in delivering quality products on time, we have successfully acquired the position among well known manufacturer and supplier. Company is integrated with socio-technical system, developed by Toyota, which comprises its management philosophy and practices which is now called as Toyota Production System, which makes us different from others with our vibrant products.

With our new state of art expansion on 15000 sqft production area with 2700 MT/A, Unibell® brings more diversified production in different field of plastics. With the advancement of technologies, Unibell® introduce a Plumbing system which are LEAD FREE which are not hazardous to health and for proper brain development for kids. Unibell is also acclaimed to be the India’s first & foremost manufacture of PVC Transparent and PVC clear pipes along with PVC transparent fittings and PVC Clear Ball Valves. We are renowned manufacture in Eastern India and so as in North East. Unibell is one of the largest, biggest and fastest growing PVC pipe manufacture in East & North East India for its well known quality products and durability. We have diversified segment of pipes which are durable, have longevity, hassle free installation, rodent repellent and long-life performance. We are constantly investing in the development of products, processes and services.

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Corres Buildcon (P) Limited is a leading company in the field of real estate development and civil construction. Company is a holding company of Unibell Group of companies which is incorporated under Companies Act 1956 and has earned a reputation for efficiency and reliability on national level. Supported by extensive knowledge and vast experience of founder members, our skilled workforce is committed to timely completion of every project undertaken without compromising on the issues related to quality, safety and environment.
We strive to achieve the highest degree of technical excellence while maintaining the finest standards of business practices in all our endeavours. We have only one religion in work i.e., competiveness, strength, quality and technical know-how.
Our experienced project team executes robust infrastructure, skilled workforce and today’s construction technology.

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Operating from our state-of-the-art headquarter with 5000 MT/A, our team offer customer’s unrivalled support from cold storage and Rural Agribusiness Center (RABC) and Agri clinics (AC) conception through installation and beyond.
At all stages our experience and expertise helps our customers avoid costly practical, regulatory and insurance pitfalls and ensures the delivery of cold storage projects to programme, to specification and on budget. We started off with the distinction of first commercial cold storage and have grown from strength to strength on the back of solid performance, implementation of new technologies, expansion of facilities, a team of trained professionals and a determination to delight customers
Cold storage systems operate on the principle that an expectation of future performance is usually indicated by current and past results.  We have assembled a list of some of our current and past clients in different fields.  Cold storage relies on its reputation in the industry for continued growth. At Cold storage Systems, no project is too big or too small and every project is treated with equal importance and receives the “personal and professional” attention it deserves.

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We feel pleasure to establish Hoffmann Publication Pvt. Limited with commitment to develop the strong ties with the children with the publishing of quality Textbooks. Hoffmann is a holding company of Unibell Group of companies which gives full priority to produce ideal books for all purpose scientific and dynamic with the help of professionals and experienced people. Our motto is to established and high standard in publication. Through our books, we want to established a relation with children directly and leave a foot print on the quality of their learning experience. The focus of the company promotion will be to form strong relationship with schools with the aim of improving the standard of education. Our initiative is to produce affordable quality books for school children without compromising on quality.

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Finley fisheries and Seafood has been serving the fisheries and seafood industry with a background of two generations in the fisheries and seafood industry, the company was started to supply fresh fishes to wholesale distributors. With countless types of fish in the market today, Finley meets the challenge of providing a high quality consistent source of fresh and healthy fish. Finley harvests almost every species of fish which found in India from the fresh water to sea water. With expansion into new state-of-the-art 116,000 square foot facility, Finley will be continuing the tradition of producing fresh fish and seafood.
Despite abundant aquatic resources in terms of about 3,200 km of rivers, 100,000 hectares chaurs and floodplain wetlands, 9,000 hectares of oxbow lakes or mauns, 7,200 hectares of reservoirs and 69,000 hectares of ponds and tanks, fish supply is short of demand in the State of Bihar. Development of the resources with the adoption of the available technologies can bridge this gap, by at least doubling the production from the present level of 2.6 lakh tonnes/ha/year.
The present mean fish productivity in FFDA ponds in the State is about 2.2 tonnes/ha/year. Addressing 50,000 hectares of pond area for development on a mission mode, it is proposed to enhance the productivity to 3 tonnes/ha/year in 30,000 ha and 5 tonnes/ha/year in 20,000 ha area.

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In agriculture, agribusiness is a generic term for the various businesses involved in food production, including farming and contract farming, seed supply, agrichemicals, farm machinery, wholesale and distribution, processing, marketing, and retail sales. Agribusiness is widely used simply as a convenient portmanteau of agriculture and business, referring to the range of activities and disciplines encompassed by modern food production. There are academic degrees in and departments of agribusiness, agribusiness trade associations, agribusiness publications, and so forth, worldwide.
Agriclinics are envisaged to provide expert services and advice to farmers on cropping practices, technology dissemination, crop protection from pests & diseases, market trends and prices of various crops in the markets and also clinical services for animal health etc. which would enhance productivity of crops / animals.

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With tremendous completion in every walk of human life, it seems inevitable for us to realize or feel the pulses of time. A nation prospers on the composite composition of its population-techno crafts and administrators. Time is fleeing at a faster pace and a man can be successful only when he gets an adequate impetus needed.
Before standing the main point it would be relevant, in this concern, to emphasize the importance of English language. Keeping in view its widespread acceptance in the masses. English has acquired a second comfort language status in India. We see that in most of higher jobs, products, hailing from the rural areas, are deprived of their due inspite of having erudite scholarship and fecundity of knowledge. This discrepancy is obviously discernible owing to the privileges and amities provided to the former aid in the deprivation of the latter.
In order to bridge the gulf and in order to enable the students of this neglected and economically backward area to do better in this age of stiff competition, the intellectuals of Saharsa have taken a solemn pledge to create an academic atmosphere congenial and conducive to all.
The members of staff have College and University degrees and thoroughly trained to achieve the educational aims of the school.

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Lamar Industries was set up with the objective of manufacturing and supplying and installing diversified range of irrigation systems and renewable energy sources for generation of electricity. It is a subsidiary of well known manufacturer of PVC pipe industry named, Unibell Polyplast Pvt. Limited. Lamar Industries is managed and operated by experienced management with qualified team leaders in field of irrigation systems and power generation from renewable energy sources. The thing which makes us different from others is, we do all installations worldwide and service free 24 X 7.
We have teams of specialist R&D, who design the irrigation systems layout which depends upon the requirement from our dedicated customers. Our irrigation systems are based on National and International standards to meet the requirement of customers. We have experience teams to work for different power generation project of electricity from 500 KW to 5 MW from renewable energy sources. Our export Managers looks every shipping and handling of products sending in and across the border just in time (JIT).We have wide distribution network all over the world to many Asian, European, African and American countries for our much diversified products.

Unlike other, we also offer our customers a design layout and technical support along with a much diversified range of products at best competitive prices. For a complete turnkey service we have the experiences and resources to handle any irrigation systems and power generation from renewable energy. We provide a full site evaluation & estimate and analyse the area to be irrigated and taking into account the dimensions of the site, different areas to be watered and alternative water sources.

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We are a renowned exporter and supplier of Biogas plant in India. Lamar Biogas Plant is substantially lower in cost and far more eco-friendly. Even the bi-products of the process results in nitrogen fixed fertilizers and Phosphate which boon to the farming community. We have huge range of Biogas plant plants which can be used for production of electricity. Lamar Biogas plant can be used both domestically and commercially and it’s safe and eco-friendly. We accept turnkey projects of setting up of Biogas plant worldwide.
Lamar Biomass gasification generators are renewable, eco-friendly and less expensive as rather than D.G set. Lamar Biomass Plant has capabilities to produce maximum of 2KW biomass plant to any MW depends upon the size of the biomass plant.

Our  Biomass gasification is non-conventional and can use bio-coal, bio-fuel,  ground nut-shell, sugarcane residue, wheat straw, caster shells/stalk, saw dust, coffee husk, paddy straw, sunflower stalk, cotton stalks, tobacco waste, mustard stalk, jute waste, bamboo dust, tea waste, palm husk, soybeans husk, rice husks, ,cardboard, wood chips, waste paper and many other agro wastes, etc.
Lamar Industries is traditional renewable energy house who export and supplier solar plant worldwide. Our Solar Power Plant is well known for its excellent efficiency and longer lifespan. Our Solar Power Plant encompasses Solar Photovoltaic Power Plant and Solar Thermal Power Plant. Lamar Solar Power Plants are designed as per national and international standards. We do installation worldwide on turnkey basis. Lamar also offers wide range of  Solar products such as Lamar Solar Lighting System, Lamar Solar Water Heaters, Lamar Solar Power Fencing System, Lamar Solar Water Pump System, etc.

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Industrial Consultancy

Unibell Consultancy Pvt Limited is a flagship venture company of Unibell Group of Industries & Companies having expertise in transforming and delivering the information before starting a project with technology evaluation, sourcing and assimilation of detailed project reports, market survey studies and research through our advanced Industrial, Business and Commercial Database.

Unibell has become a well-known name in the industrial world for offering integrated technical consultancy service by providing the detail project reports to buyer and sellers of the business. Unibell research to define end use market segments and market demand, specifications and competition of your products or product concepts under development. We also offer national and international clients for opting to increase their competitive strength. We have a longtime experience in internationalizing companies and know mostly all of the chances and risks. We have established a team of experts who cover all of the many topics concerning an expansion and have developed a proven process to go ahead step by step by minimizing risks and optimizing market advantages.

Unibell deals with industrial project setups on turnkey basis with Detailed Project Reports, New Project Identification, Project Feasibility, Market Study, Preparation of Project Profiles, Market Surveys / Studies, Laboratory Facility, Manufacturing techniques, Pre- operative expenses, etc. Our expertise team work and their caliber in Project Management with Top notch Entrepreneurs, we deliver best out of best Project reports of diversified businesses. Project reports are checked and verified by our Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Sameer Albert personally and his experiences and expertise in Industries Sector, we deliver you the most feasible project reports.

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Equipments & Machineries

unibell equipmentsUnibell equipments is a flagship venture company under Unibell Group of Industries & Companies having expertise in field of plastic processing machineries. We are leading manufacturer, exporter and supplier of plastic processing machinery with versatile segment of highly equipped advanced technology machineries. Due to our constant commitment to extrusion technology, we have emerged as a leading manufacturer of machinery for PVC pipes, HDPE pipes, Inline drip irrigation pipes, PVC compounding, Reprocessing, PPR Pipes, PVC profiles, Cable coating, LLDPE pipes, CPVC pipes and many others for a wide range of extrusion processes.

Our products incorporate user- friendly operations and controls, including parts that resist wear and tear and conform to prescribed specifications of plastic manufacturing units. We adopt strict quality control norms right from the procurement of raw materials, and keep sticking to it till the dispatch of machinery. Every product is stringently tested on relevant parameters and passes through the supervision of experts at several stages.

We have clientele in both domestic and international markets, and we serve them with unconditional support. We have set up a wide manufacturing unit which is equipped with research and development lab and all our efforts are made to fabricate and develop plastic extrusion plants and injection molding machines as per international standards. We are fully committed to design the latest range and abide by the fair business policy to face techno commercial challenges of the current & future industry trends. The products are exported to many countries and regions in Southeast Asia, the Middle East, South America and the European Community, praised by users.

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Logistic, Supply Chain & Warehousing

UniexUNIEx is a term coined from Unibell Express, which is flagship division of Unibell Group of Industries & Companies having operation worldwide supplying and distribution network for transit of goods. UniEx Logistics delivers the goods which add the value of time and place utility. UniEx logistics involves the integration of information, transportation, inventory, warehousing, material handling, and packaging, and often security. UniEx Logistics strives to be a fully-fledged logistic partner for niche markets and specialties with a global reach, with a special focus on Asia, Europe and the American continent by creating sustainable value in the supply network in an innovative and creative way with a personal touch.

Delivering everything from tiny to huge to cargo containers, these firms offer fast, sometimes same-day, delivery. Our warehouses are integrated with advanced technologies with Wi-Fi and security surveillances to operate 24 X 7 to response Just In time. Our advantage is the high quality and flexibility of our services. We endeavor to exceed all our customers’ expectations through the effective, efficient and sustainable design and implementation of new and improved processes and services. We know how important the services we provide are to your supply chain and to helping you remain competitive in our increasingly more global economy.

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